Shungite Phone and TV EMF Protection

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In today's world there are very few people that do not use a mobile phone...

Children and teenagers are using them more than ever, The long term use is dangerous to all but as adults we can make the choice whether to protect ourselves or not, Children do not have that choice and rely on their parents to ensure they are protected from such harm,

By simply placing one of these Shungite plates on yours and their phone, laptop, TV and or computer you and your family will have at least some protection from the harmful emissions that have been reported to be linked to diseases such as cancer.

Human bio field has electromagnetic nature. Mobile phone radiation suppresses the bio field and influences pathogenic to organism.  The Shungite plate creates a field round itselfneutralised geopathogenic radiations and restoring power of the person.

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In order to cancel pathogenic influence of a mobile phone radio-wave peel the self-adhesive Shungite plate to mobile phone or phone's cover.


 Watch this short video for more infornation