Shungite Positive Energy Key Chains

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Most everyone has a car or some kind of vehicle. When you turn on the ignition, what happens? Well, if the vehicle is in good condition, the ignition turns on the car. But what if not only the car runs well, you get a personal benefit from your key chain at the same time? 

Let’s explore the possibility. When you’re on a drive, and the traffic gets heavy, it’s nice to know that you have a little positive energy pushing out of a Shungite key chain to keep you on a good level. This is what Shungite will do for you.

Each side of the Shungite is lightly putting out positive energy, fullerene carbons, and good frequency vibrations. They float in the air inside your vehicle, and produce well thinking, positive energy, good brain energy, and enable you to keep focused as you drive.

Just as Shungite Pyramids or Spheres, they produce a good nature and a better advantage for you as opposed to other drivers, because you have a re-enforced ability to focus on better decisions, especially on those hot days when your mood is not quite up to par. How many times have you been honked at for no reason? People not having a good day, and drive in the heat can really cause trouble. The Shungite on your key chain can help you stay calm, and focused on the better part of the situation.

A Shungite key chain held in your pocket while you go through your day can add extra benefits because it would take on the characteristic of a Shungite bracelet, or necklace spreading the positive energy through your blood systemeventually going through to your vital organs, and brain. A constant feed of good positive energy can bring a feeling of calmness, and create good endorphin activity.

Keeping a shungite key chain in your hand as you’re preparing to go to your car, or while you’re in the office just thinking on a challenge to sort out, can act as a stress regulator. As you squeeze it, the rock can produce a vibration giving positive energy. The benefits of having a Shungite key chain are just as many or more as having other Shungite you may try.

But if you have Shungite protection in several different forms, then you have achieved a great circle of excellence.

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