Journey Through The Matrix

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Journey through the Matrix imprinted music is an amazing compilation of some of the most tranquil sounds that will help keep your mind peaceful. Great for when you are driving, as background music, whilst you are working or just to listen to when you need to reset.

 A science blended with sound that has resulted in the creation of an audio experience with the capacity to stimulate healing too.



Track 1 - Reconnection

Track 2 - Good Grief

Track 3 - Over coming Frear

Track 4 - Heart

Track 5 - Imprinter

Track 6 - Matrix Restore

Track 7 - Chakra Star

Track 8 - Memory 

Track 9 - Calm Mind

Track 10 - Harmonize Emotions

Track 11 - Lucky

TRack 12 - Enlightenment