Inner-Self Alignment

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Do you have sabotaging or negative thoughts?

Are you ready to work to overcome them?

Then, the Harmony ·Blueprint System is for you

The Harmony ·Blueprint System has a nine week coded program that works to enable you to unblock your potential for success, happiness and well-being.


What part of you is preventing you from understanding:

  • Your TRUE potential?
  • Your TRUE value?
  • Your OWN self?

The Harmony ·Blueprint System will help you uncover the truth in order to find the answers to these questions.

Often, a lack of understanding will leave you searching for these answers while you search to fill a gap or void in your life. 

The Harmony ·Blueprint Inner-self Alignment Masterplan (IAM) can help you on your path to discovery.

There is full guidance provided throughout the programme to help you to achieve your desired goals while at the same time clearing your pathways of old pain.


Releasing your potential is the first step to finding your path.


How does this work?

IAM tracks your thought process.

Not only everyday thoughts you are conscious of, but also subconscious thoughts. These subconscious thoughts play out scenarios in your life.

They can leave you wondering:

  • Why you cannot make the right decision
  • Why you feel lost, fed up and frustrated
  • Why you feel you are in a dilemma



IAM was developed to de-clutter the mind of debris that sabotages your thoughts and actions.

It enables the coded mind to clear the way for you to make the right decisions,

This is done using special techniques from Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics and some profound ancient tools.



From the moment you start the programme of 9 sessions, you will be equipped for the navigation process.


Includes a FREE Harmony ·Blueprint reading - value £75

The purpose here is to discover, enable and help you use the tools you were born with.



  1. Introducing you to the TRUTH
  2. Preparing your emotional boundaries
  3. Teaching you about the mind storage filters
  4. Help you to identify your thoughts
  5. Relieving you of the ego that is misdirecting you
  6. Guidance to discover how to achieve different outcomes
  7. Identifying your beliefs
  8. Deleting the old, coded thought process and mind data and establishing them with new thought processes and codes
  9. Aligning you to the inner-self work you have been working through - The Harmony ·Blueprint way


Does this sound like something you have been waiting for?


Then scratch that itch, let's get started by booking your FREE 15 minute introductory call!