The empowering Liberty ·Blueprint Retreat is a safe space to create and manifest happiness from aligning with ones’ TRUE SELF

Deduced from nature’s origin of cycles to the releasing of information from the consciousness portals, access to our own intuitive compass and wisdom which opens up endless benefits for aligning with our true self is now obtainable. Often described as the game changer by those who have gone through and are going through their journey in the Retreat and because of its revolutionary approach with profound results and benefits, the empowering Liberty ·Blueprint Retreat is a remarkable and necessary awareness tool for spiritual, physiological and physical development. Brought into existence by over 27 years of research and an impressive number of one- one sessions with individuals and groups from different parts of the world. It is an honest and direct way to embrace and emphasize the personal growth value found in the unseen and reconciliation of one’s own soul and spirit through their subjective experiences.

Nearly all human behaviour both active and reactive derive from subconscious programming.
• The efforts we put into life run from that programme.
• The choices we make run from that programme.
• The life we live runs from that programme
There is an abundance of untapped information within our very own seed just waiting to manifest the life we deserve. It is our divine right to access this information, first we must clear the programming by removing the entangled weeds that clutter the surface of what lays beneath known as THE TRUE SELF
What better way to live your purpose by aligning with the ancient traditions and encompassing the way of Mother Nature that has stood the test of time, superseding every fad and fake claim that has ever been in existence.
The day to day struggles of life will pale into insignificance with each step you take aligning to your TRUE SELF