Wise Nana Gold (AKA) Martine ·Belynda is an Energy Intuitive Expert and creator and owner of the Liberty ·Blueprint Retreat


Her mission to give people like you the knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and tools to help align your inner self so that the needed bridges can be created  enabling a firm, confident foundation of which to release and fulfil your true potential. Her vision is to help like-minded people feel comfortable, trusting and ready to work on themselves at a deeper level, with a knowing they will be guided every step of the way. There will also be the opportunity to attend online and or locally well-being workshops and retreats whereby people can attend weekly circles so they can grow and achieve their desire of a clearly visible happier path of life.


Having gone through her own personal pains and life challenges, it was during that journey, her life ·PURPOSE was revealed. And that journey now enables Wise Nana Gold to empathise with others going through their pain too. 


The information used as the foundation for the profound HARMONY ·BLUEPRINT System, found Wise Nans Gold - She did not have to search for it. Three years were spent researching the System, and another three developing it.


Now, you too can take the Liberty ·Blueprint Journey via the online and physical Retreat, which will enable you to: 

  • Learn how to  ALIGN with your INNER SELF and manage daily challenges that life brings.
  • Encourage and educate yourself, your families and friends to know how to protect your OWN energy:

             *Enable awareness, mindfulness and the ability to take back our OWN                   power

             *Gain clarity from your thoughts that change what you attract into your                   lives.

  • Nurture our children to create a better future of peace and harmony by enabling them to become aware of their energy and become conscious of their developing subconscious mind. Also, enabling them to live a life that will help preserve the future of our planet by being aware of our environment.


  • Inner self Alignment Coaching can help you to deal with the persistent daily noise, chatter and vast sources of information that are overloading your senses.

 “In a world that never sleeps, such sources of information can, in the long term, cause issues for you, your family and friends.”



  • Inner self Alignment Coaching can help you to return your mind and body back to as nature intended.
  • Scientific research and mindfulness tools can assist you in alleviating the enormous stresses placed on your health and well-being.
  • It can also enable you to save time, money and help in reducing any negative impacts to your health.
  • It allows you to experience the freedom of choice to enjoy all things natural and organic.
  • It enables the body and mind to return to a state of self–healing.
  • On a global scale, it can assist in saving our fragile planet from further devastation, stemming from the environmental practices and resulting toxins, that we have been forced to accept.



  • Energy medicine is predicted to be the next trillion dollar industry, especially with people in the UK becoming more aware of their own mental health and well-being.
  • The general public are becoming more environmentally friendly and knowledgeable about the impact that pharmaceutical industry products are placing on their health.