Body-Field Sound Healing CD

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The Body-Field Sound Healing CD of imprinted music is an amazing compilation of some of the most tranquil sounds that will help keep your mind peaceful. Great for when you are driving, as background music whilst you are working or just to listen to when you need to reset.

 A science blended with sound that has resulted in the creation of an audio experience with the capacity to stimulate healing too.

List of tracks:

Track 1 - Chi Energy

Track 2 - Relax and Regenerate

Track 3 - Confidence

Track 4 - Energetic Detox

Track 5 - EMF Protection

Track 6 - Chill

Track 7 - Mental Clarity

Track 8 - Creative Spirit

Track 9 - Sexual Energy

Track 10 - Unconditional Love

Track 11 - Balance and Heal

TRack 12 - Sleep well


FREE 6 minute Chi Energy sound healing clip to listen to from this CD, it's an excellent way to rebalance and helps bring your energy back to it's centre.